Happy New Year from Forbidden Nights

Happy New Year from Forbidden Nights

January Newsletter

Let’s celebrate that those January blues are nearly over, let Forbidden Nights’ sexy circus give you something to look forward to…Or if you’re already bored of those January’s exercise regimes… Think again. Grab a ticket for one of the shows, and you’ll be up and dancing, clapping and singing along all night. Guaranteed better than the gym … the man candy is better than the gym too.

2017 Check List

  • Male Strip Club London New Year
  • New Venue
  • New Routines
  • New Dancers



Happy New Year from Forbidden Nights

Before you find out what exciting things we have in store for 2017, we want to wish all our Forbidden Fans a Happy New Year! It’s been such an amazing experience working with so many incredible venues and theatres, and we are looking forward to so many more in 2017. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break from all of us here at the Forbidden Family.

A new home for 2017!

We have lots of new treats in store ready to burst into 2017. First of all and most importantly, we have a new venue for the New Year! On the 21st of January, we launched the first Forbidden Nights’ show at Infernos Clapham. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new venue and celebrating in Forbidden style, so grab your tickets now and be one of the first to experience the show at Infernos. The all night disco party will have you partying until the early hours after the show!

What’s in store for this year?

Male Strip Club LondonMore exciting news comes from The Adonis Cabaret where Billy Blue Eyes started his stripping career 10 years ago. He made life long friends and family during his time working for the company, all of which still stand today. As a result of the respect and incredible working relationship between Forbidden Nights and The Adonis Cabaret, we have Adonis Superstar Marshal joining us on our 2017 UK Theatre Tour. Big love to Adonis for allowing Marshall a fireball of flirtatious fresh meat. Jai is our latest toned, smooth mover to join the Forbidden dance crew. He’ll be making his first appearances on tour and at our London Show. That’s not all to complete our new 2017 show we’ve got new routines for you as well! If you enjoyed last year’s routines, they’re only getting hotter for 2017… I think we’ll need some Firemen to cool it down… Yes, ladies those Forbidden fireman fantasies will be answered!


Happy Birthday Reece!

Our charismatic choreographer has been busy working on new action-packed routines for the show and even had time to celebrate his birthday too last month!

Book your tickets today

Grab a ticket now and let’s beat away those January Blues in Forbidden Style and for a full list of 2017 tour dates follow the link here or to book our London Show at Infernos Clapham click here.


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