The Cast



Age:  27

Where did you grow up: Bournemouth

Nicknames: Billy Blue Eyes

Favourite Food: I just love food!

Favourite Colour: Baby blue

How did you get into dancing: I was inspired by Michael Jackson.

What secret talents do you have: Aerial silks and chains.

Style and personal Inspirations: Michael Jackson, Ex Forbidden member ‘Tommy tan’, Clarkes… To be honest, I have no style, and always get stick from the other Forbidden Boys. The good news is, I hardly wear clothes to get round that problem.

Favourite Musician: MJ, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, anything old school and John Legend.

Favourite Film: The Story so Far (Forbidden Joke).

Favourite Song: Anything fun with a hint of summer.

Random Fact: If I don’t tense, my abs disappear!!!

Funny Story: I once tried to rip my trousers off on stage, and I had left my belt on, which means my trousers didn’t come off. School boy error! Don’t panic, I styled it out and it looked GREAT!

Previous Work: I have been performing for 8 years, and I am also a bit of a Del boy, really enjoy new business ideas



Information To Come


lewis c

Age: 26

Nicknames: Chad Codfather Robocod

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Musician: Ray Charles

Favourite Song: Georgia on my mind

Where did you grow up: I grew up in east London when I was young then moved to Hertfordshire for school and I am now in Essex.

How did you get into dancing: I have always liked dancing and when I was 22 I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to a London performing arts school where dancing became a necessity.

What secret talents do I have: I am good at some accents and also known for doing impressions of cartoon characters.

Style and personal inspiration: Not sure I have a style inspiration but personal inspirations are people like JT and Will Smith who have had a career in almost every area of the performing industry.

Random Fact: I went to Loughbrough Uni to study medicinal Biology but dropped out to pursue a career in performing arts

Funny story: When all of us boys went on holiday last year for some reason (I still don’t know why) I spent a whole evening pretending to be an American called Chad which then get confusing for the rest of the week as people would come up to me to say hi but I could never remember if I was English or American when I met them.



Age: God bless my baby face… that’s all I am saying!

Where did you grow up: Stone age

Nicknames: According to Tommy several and I have no knowledge of how I got them all… ‘big man’ is obvious one.

Favourite colour: Pink… real men wear pink!

Favourite food: ANYONE that knows me knows its nutella

How did you get into dancing: I stumbled with rhythm

What secret talents do you have: I have the ability to look better upside down on a pole than upright standing still.

Style and personal aspirations: Armani king! If its loosefit its too big!

Favourite musician: Tommy and his rapping skills

Favourite film: Many guys would say Scarface or The Godfather but I’m quite partial to girls films… this is mainly due to the fact girls like to spoon whilst watching them… we all know what spooning leads too.

Favourite song: Genuwine ‘Pony’…

Random fact: I have a fat man inside me waiting to be unleashed.

Funny story: Went for a swim in the Trafalgar sq fountains at a Christmas party… I was not known as the ‘big man’ that day.



Age: 25

Nicknames: Hollywood, Ozzie

Favourite Food: Peanut butter or nutella covered waffles on cheat day haha

Favourite Colour: I actually dont think I have one haha

Where did you grow up: A small country town in Australia called Goulburn

How did you get into dancing: Ive always enjoyed entertaining and I kinda just fell into it.

What secret talents do you have: I can fire breathe.

Style and personal Inspirations: I kind of make my own style but personal Inspirations would be my parents and an entrepreneur called holton buggs.

Favourite Musician: Can I say band? A day to remember.

Favourite Film: Disneys Hercules

Favourite Song: Peaches and Cream by John Butler Trio

Random Fact: I have an outtie bellybutton haha

Funny Story: I was using plenty of fish back in Aus and used the same line on two girls. Turns out they were house mates and next to each other stalking my insta and they both said check this bloke out….. yeah I got caught haha!

Previous Work: Ex aussie military and personal trainer


lewis w

Age: 26

Nicknames: Winny, Lew, loo loo, papa bear. Feel free to make up your own lol

Favourite Food: Well I eat everything but if you get me lindor chocolate I’m yours haha.

Favourite Colour: Blue… Well more of a palatinate Blue but I’m not fussy

Where did you grow up: I grew up in Birmingham until I was 16. I was lucky to escape the accent lol.

How did you get into dancing: Well I studied a variety of dance at Theatre College, but I’m still as flexible as a bread stick.

What secret talents do you have:  Well avoiding any promiscuous or unchaste answers, I can ride horses.

Style and personal Inspirations: Well in the morning some would say my inspiration for my hair is based on a hedgehog or wolverine but when that is under control, I would say my personal inspiration is probably my dad growing up. And for my style… Well it’s getting there if you have ever seen some pictures of me as a teenager.

Favourite Musician: Well I like to think I’m quite eclectic in taste but when it comes to Sam Smiths vocals it is something else.

Favourite Film: Sooo many to chose from. I love a good movie with popcorn, but genre I would go for thriller or action usually.

Favourite Song: Well if I’m going from when I was growing up the Foo Fighters – One by one album was a big favourite

Random Fact:So many… Okay I have a tortoise called Roxy. Oh and the average woman uses her height in lipstick every 5 years. Haha

Funny Story: I was in Italy ski with a few friends who all suggested it would be a good idea to have a picture at the top of the mountain in just our underwear. Little did I know the plan was to steal my clothes and take them down with them. It was a cold and rather naked journey back to the lodge but I did get support from a few who past by lol.

Previous Work: I ran a PR company for a while also worked at Abercrombie.



Age: 28

Nicknames: Mr Milkshake

Favourite Food: Sweet Potato

Favourite Colour: Baby Blue

Where did you grow up: Essex

How did you get into dancing: Singing got me into dance

What secret talents do you have: I can clap with one hand

Style and personal Inspirations: I always aspire to be me and no one else

Favourite Musician: The Labyrinth

Favourite Film: Impossible to say, there is far too many!

Favourite Song: Impossible to say, there is far too many!

Random Fact: Did you know that the biggest and most powerful space telescope in the world is owned by the Vatican Church?

Funny Story: One Xmas when I was a kid my Dad got bought a very expensive box of cigars as a present. When i was left alone in the room I decided to open the box and continue to crush the entire contents, when my Father returned and realised what I had done I simply told him it was for his own good and he shouldn’t be smoking. He was rather annoyed but had no choice but to let it go for obvious reasons.

Previous Work: Main Character in StreetDance 3D the Movie. Featured Ensemble in Starlight Express UK Tour. Backing Dancer for Whitney Houston live on The X Factor. Backing Dancer for TakeThat live on the Brit Awards and Royal Variety Performance. Sports Model for Adidas, Reebok and Porsche Clothing.


Reece Millard-62edit

Age: 20

Nicknames: Ross

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Colour: Navy

Where did you grow up: Reading

How did you get into dancing: School Holiday Camp, started Street Dance at age 7 whilst my parents were at work.

What secret talents do you have: Fully Qualified Open Water PADI Scuba Diver

Style and personal Inspirations: Style wise I would have to say the English Gentleman look and for inspiration I believe you have to inspire yourself.

Favourite Musician: N/A

Favourite Film: Gladiator

Favourite Song: Hans Zimmer – Now We Are Free

Random Fact: I grew up having a pet corn snake and 18 Gecko Lizards

Funny Story: My dad once in an attempt to not tread over the line on a bowling alley leapt over onto the next alley and fell flat on his bum.

Previous Work: Forbidden Nights London Residency, Forbidden Nights UK Tour, Extreme Angels (commercial group) and 27 (The Musical) Directed by Arlene Phillips.