‘We indulged ourselves in front row VIP seats and were treated to pure pleasure of the senses! An absolutely amazing show, and something for everyone. My personal favourite was the fire scene, you all looked like Greek gods. *swoon*’


‘Hello, I had a great time! I’ve never been to anything like that before and it exceeded my expectations! I paid for a standing ticket so I was worried about it being busy and being able to see but I had no problem! Photos and flash were allowed which was great and the Dancing, singing and view (“,) was great!! I’ll definitely be coming back!’

Crystal Wight, Medway, kent:

‘I attended the show on 13th June with 15 other women. I had great communication with Staff before hand in regards to payment and fancy dress and I cannot fault the customer service that I received, 5 star. The show, well, as a bride to be I was extremely happy with the quality of the show and the price and was pleased that all 16 women enjoyed the show. The venue was lovely and the men were average (wink wink) I will definitely be recommending to everyone considering a ladies night with amazing value for money.’


‘Well, what an absolute brilliant show. All the staff was friendly and welcoming. The theatre was not huge and this made the experience better.

I’ve been put off male ‘strip’ shows in the past to be honest but your guys are incredibly talented, strong and obviously work hard to get to that (I’m always looking at it from a training point of view as know it is hard work lol). It was cheeky not smutty. We had an absolute blast and will be coming back again! Credit to you all for putting on a great show.’


‘I went to Forbidden Nights a few weeks ago after developing an unhealthy obsession with Magic Mike. A group of friends and I made it our mission to find a similar style show, and came across Forbidden Nights. We made a girls night out of it, as I gather most people who attend do, and we had the most hilarious, mass-hysteria induced fun. I could not fault the evening, or the dancers (obviously). I could not maintain a high-pitched, ‘woohoo,’/shriek for the entire night, yet I also could not control myself so resorted to a low, excited form of grunting later in the evening– which I think equally indicated my appreciation for the show. Since we last visited your fine establishment, we have been practicing the Forbidden Night style moves at home. My personal favourite track to practice to, is of course, Pony. Sadly we are not as good as the boys in Clapham..’

Christina Gregory, Hounslow:

‘After reading your reviews and seeing videos on the internet we decided to book Forbidden Nights. This was a surprise night out for the Hen. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. She had an absolutely amazing time. The show was outstanding and of great quality, we all absolutely loved it. All the staff at the venue was so friendly. I would highly recommend to everyone, and our group is already looking for another excuse to come again. Thank you for an amazing time.’


‘I have been 4 times now I think!! I loved to show that much. The energy ALL the lads bring to the stage is amazing. The buzz is out of this world. From cowboys to MJ there is something for everyone and any occasion. It made my night when I first came to see the show on my hen do…
Its a fun way to spend your Sat night no matter your age.’

DONNA SELLORS – Willesden Green

It’s got to be Lorenz. I like Italian men and in uniform too…can’t beat The Forbidden for a good night out ladies! I have recommended them to all my friends. Would love to go again! Ps topless hunky men to have pictures taken with…what more do I need to say!

Elisa Reyes – Kilburn:

Been to see the Forbidden Nights twice and will def be going back… Loved every minute of it!! Choosing a hottest idol is hard to do but…Billy…! It was love at first sight!


I think you guys are AWWEEESOOOMEEEEE!!!


GIRLS! Embrace yourself before entering enchanted world. After very warm welcome from adorable boys get ready for the most sophisticated, “hottest, male glamour group”! Ps. Favourite part -boot camp!!


‘The whole act was first class- sexy and sophisticated – impressive dance routines- Mobile-friendly – Hats off to the choreographer’

Samantha Louise Hoskin:

‘An Amazing (with capital A), lively night from entry through the doors being treated like royalty such lovely service to the whole show. I seriously cannot pick a favourite routine but if I absolutely have to it would be the army one, oh and then there’s the washing machine, oh and then there’s raining men, Lewis singing…..the list just goes on it is just an amazing show I would watch every night if I could!! the Boys are unreal talented in what they manage to pull off and this was shown on Britain’s got Talent!’


‘I came for my 26th in august. I can’t really explain what makes the show really except the guys. It was great. Staff were welcoming on arrival. The men, well they were smoking. The host was a laugh. Atmosphere was great. I enjoyed so much I’m back again on the 19th December for my sister’s 18th. Can’t wait!!!’


The whole show was fantastic … From the minute we walked in to the minute we fell out the door, can’t choose sexiest Guy you’re all awesome…


Saw it Saturday! Best girls’ night out of my life!! And the sexiest Idols are…..TOMMY and BILLY!!!xx

Tui FOULKES – Borehamwood:

What an absolutely sexy performance!! I would come every Sat if I could… Talented, muscly men! And the singing and voices are fantastic, a brilliant addition to the London show, I did not expect to see singing at a hen night!! So much fun xx Tui


Stunners – loved every minute… even if I was grabbing Tanya Downes hands away from her face. My body and yes my imagination were driven wild, definitely coming again X


The show was wonderful and exciting, sexy and unforgettable!

Always something new and old at the same time, the guys are all very sexy and no one can be a favourite, they all have their spark, which makes them different, and every girl’s dream, that’s why I always want to go back again and again ….

Indea Fordham – Islington:

Amazing night Saturday, great fun! Idols are GORGEOUS!!! Will be telling everyone to go see them x

AYUMI OI – MORTON – Kensingtonspeech

We had such a fun hen night!! Thank yooou! X